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Wednesday, January 09, 2008

NOT About The Dogs

You would think that a couple that is so busy they don’t have time to make dinner would have a lot to write about on a blog. But we don’t. However, if you want to read an exhaustive review of how to potty train a puppy, or the seemingly endless descriptions of dog-toys and treats, we could, with some eloquence fill infinite blogs.

I don’t want to bore my 3 faithful readers with lots of dog stories; however, I do want to tell you (because it’s actually clever and funny) that Sam has out-smarted his Kong. For you non-dog-owners, a Kong is a rubber toy that is shaped like a snowman with a big hole in the bottom. You fill the hole with food (such as peanut butter, treats, or cheese) and then the dog has to chew on it to get stuff out. Most dogs find this to be entertaining for hours, but Sam has everything out in 15 minutes flat, which made us wonder what he was doing. It turned out, he would get out all the sticky stuff with his tongue, and then when there were only treats left in it, he would put the Kong on a hard surface and bat it with his paw to make it spin and then the hard treats would come flying out. I think it’s a little depressing that my dog is smarter than me.

But enough about the dogs. Aw, just one more quick thing. Maggles (the new nick-name craze for Maggie) is now growing at the alarming rate of 2 lbs per day. She will likely turn into a small moose (don’t tell her I said that – girls don’t like to be compared to a moose). She’s super cute and her skin is still baggy like she plans on growing some more. I think she looks like she’s wearing a costume, but I can’t find the zipper.

And really briefly, Mags voice changed literally over-night. On Sunday evening she was barking at the neighbor’s dog and it sounded like a little puppy-dog yip (all scratchy and rough like puppies). Then on Monday night she nearly gave me a heart-attack because when she barked she sounded like a large fully grown dog. Like WOOF! WOOF! I thought another dog must be eating her alive so I ran outside and it was Maggie making such adult-like noises. It was strange. She was barking at nothing and very intently, so I think she was kind of impressed at the sound of her own voice. Like, “A-hem *delicately* WOOF! WOOF! WOOF!” Brian thought she was like the lion that learned to roar.

Boy, I’m glad I made it all the way through this post without talking about the dogs too much, because if I had talked about the dogs this whole time everyone might think I’m weird, like I don’t have a life or something…
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I am laughing right now, although no intelligible thoughts are running through my head, and feel totally inept in responding to your dog-love. The only dog story I have is tragic. I went away for one summer, and upon returning, found that my family had replaced me with a dog named Sawyer...need I say more?

9/1/08 16:51  

I think Sam might be smarter than I am. And that scares me a tad.

10/1/08 08:20  

I love the dog stories and am not bored. perhaps the other 2 readers are, but this one is not. perhaps you could post a few pictures of the little guys on your blog so i can live vicariously through your dog ownership.

14/1/08 15:34  

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