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Monday, April 28, 2008

Newer New Computer

So, tonight the Pacific Blue computer went back to Best Buy. It was kind of sad. We accidentally grabbed the wrong box, so we had Brian's box for his enormous laptop (it has a 17" screen... it's a monster). So, when I put my little Pacific Blue computer in Brian's big box to take it back, it looked so little and sad. But now, I am the proud owner of a new Pacific Blue computer. Honestly, if you were a casual observer of our lives, you would never notice the difference between the old, new computer and the new, new computer. So instead of going to bed (we have to wake up early in the morning), I am putting updates on my new Pacific Blue.

You may ask what was wrong with the other. It had a malfunctioning button so every time you pressed a little too hard or typed a little too hard up would pop Windows Media Center. It was to bad it did it 4 times in a row while I was having the best round of my life (thus far) of Word Hunter. Had it happened during something boring like typing up a paper, or during something mundane like checking my email, it may have been forgiven of the innocuous crime. But the interruption of a good game with all the good letters and two S's is unpardonable.

But all is well again. Except, I can't help thinking of the poor little Pacific Blue computer with a "too tight quick launch panel". I can't help thinking that if I were exchanged every time I was "too tight", I might get exchanged pretty often. Luckily for me, I haven't been sent back to the manufacturer yet.

Good night, new Pacific Blue. May your updates take. And good night old Pacific Blue. I hope you can go back to Gateway and get a nice massage and get loosened up.
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I know just what you mean. I'm sure everyone I know get sick of my Windows Media Center opening for no reason.

29/4/08 08:22  

"too tight" ha..
I would have been junked long ago :)

Thank goodness for patient people (and a patient God)

29/4/08 18:41  

LOL! Hopefully your Pacific Blue credit card is still working?

1/5/08 21:07  

I guess I'd get an Apple for the student in this case :-)

7/5/08 16:48  

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