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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Pinky and The Brain

So, I have a new theory about Sam and Maggie. And I'm sure you've all guess by now which is Pinky and which is The Brain. However, unlike Pinky and The Brain, I think Sam has successfully orchestrated a mutiny.
It all started when we got Mags. Since getting suckered into getting a Jack Russell, I promised that my next dog would be of the more laid-back variety. Not that I don't like Sam, because I do. I just thought that too many Sams in one lifetime might raise some questions about my mental well being, and whether or not I was masochistic, suicidal, or both. So, when we talked about getting another puppy, it was always in the context that we would get a mild-mannered dog, like a Golden Retriever. Sam listened, feigning (kind convincingly) ignorance. Meanwhile, Sam acted badder than ever to ensure that we would get "an easily trainable" puppy.

Enter Maggie. I think when Sam saw Maggie he chuckled to himself, "he. he. he." This puppy was perfect. She was sweet. She was adorable. She was oh so malleable. He said to himself, "I shall train this silly puppy to do my evil bidding by using that 'pack mentality' crap that puppies these days are falling for." So, Sam spent the next month being as surly and snotty as possible. Poor Maggie (the little sucker) fell for it hook line and sinker. The more he barked at her, the more determined she was to convince him to like her. Now, she is nearly 3 times his size and is his very devoted slave.

Sam is careful to not like her too much, even though she's his only furry friend (his animal relationships to date have not been very successful), but Brian and I knew we were duped when last night Sam and Maggie were very quietly (read suspiciously) commiserating in Sam's room. Every time I called Maggie, they both came. I called Sam. They both came. I gave Maggie water, they both drank it, cheek-to-cheek (this is what made me the most nervous as they have never been able to share anything in the past without barking being involved). I think they're staging a coup. Let's just say Maggie and Sam being in each other's confidence doesn't make us feel very comfortable. Especially since neither Brian nor I speak Dog. So, I'm attaching pictures of the two culprits. That way if you see them on the news, you'll know where to find them (but you have to split the reward money 50/50, because I gave you the tip).
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I knew it was coming... Oh the cleverness of Sam!!!

13/2/08 22:44  

Oh my gosh, your puppy coup totally reminds me of the animal militant force that lives in my house. Misty our mama cat(who we got from Michael) rules the roost at our house there is no denying it. the funny thing is the way she controls the dogs who are 100 times her size. if Miss wants the pillow the dogs move over for her, if she is sleeping somewhere they don't dare disturb her highness. I am unsure on how she has managed this but I have an idea, she cleverly will climb to the counter and get snacks down for the dogs and drop it on the floor for them. I can just hear the conversation. psst hey dogs, you want this steak alright but first I need you to...! oh how I wish I knew what they were saying, or do I.

14/2/08 21:21  

How can you say that about sweet innocent little Samster? He's the most trustworthy dog ever. And Maggie is lovely and beautiful and perfect in all ways!

(They've got Smudgie and they won't give hime back. Help.)

15/2/08 08:41  

Hey, it was good to see you this weekend, cuz.... Maybe next time we'll actually get to chat, and you can introduce me to your studly hubby ;)

25/2/08 07:52  

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