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Monday, February 11, 2008

What I Have Been Doing & Why I Haven't Blogged

At first I hadn't blogged because I was doing pleasant things. The kind of things you don't want to interrupt with creating and the inevitable spell-checking that would then ensue. The "pleasant things" I refer to is vacation. In the middle of January Brian and I went up north to sit at Uncle Bill and Aunt Genie's cottage on Lake Michigan. It was very fun and very quiet, and we got to see Grandpa and Barb quite a bit, and go swimming (inside) and watch it snow, and watch the first three seasons of "Lost" (which before then we hadn't seen and our friends keep telling us to watch).

Then, when we got home, we had unpleasant things keeping us from blogging. Sam, for an example. Turns out when dogs get old, they get clingy, and when their owners go on vacation they take it personally and then have "accidents" (more like "on purposes") all over the house, and bark for hours after going to bed.

Then last weekend, Brian went on the Sunday School Ski Retreat and left me home alone with a couple of my friends and a huge stack of movies and popcorn. It was a lot of fun except after going out to eat, one of my friends got food poisoning and had to go home early. :( But then, we had our annual Super Bowl party on Sunday evening, and Brian got home in time to enjoy it, so that's nice, but still, way too busy to really sit down and blog.

Then this past weekend, Brian and I were on the Valentine's Dinner committee at church, so every night last week was taken up with some activity for that. And when we got home on Wednesday, we were welcomed by a thick, damp stench, and soaked carpet. Turns out 10 or so inches of rain doesn't do your drains any favors. So, Friday morning before work, we (by "we" I mean Brian) were pulling out the carpet and padding and bleaching the sub floors. Gross. It smells almost normal now, and in the long-run, it will be nice to have clean carpet down there (the carpet we had down there was a little gross anyway after the incident where Sam tore up a bag of garbage on it).

Then on Friday, we were getting ready for the V-day dinner, and I was slicing green peppers and took off about half of the pad of my right thumb with the slicer. Which you can image (since I probably got down to the muscle), ached and ached, and bled and bled. It was bleeding through three layers of band-aids (the only thing I could find at the fellowship hall) at a time and I thought I would have to get in cauterized, but it turns out that when you stop bumping it, it has a chance to clot.

On Saturday we were back to doing pleasant things. I slept for a long time after breakfast (probably until 2 or so), and when I woke up Brian and I decided to pretend it was Valentine's day, so we went out and got dinner and a movie and walked around the mall and such. It was nice and quiet.

I have about a zillion projects I should be working on, but I think I'm going to wait until after the new carpet is in to worry about any of them. So, I guess that's all. Now, that I've caught everyone up on what is happening in the life of Brian and Julie, I think my next post will be free to be much more entertaining, and much less a summation of the lives of two people over the course of the last month.
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Julie...if I were to eat some of these green peppers, would I possibly bite down on a juicy piece of thumb as well?

11/2/08 17:49  

Ew. Nope. I threw that one out. :)

12/2/08 08:48  

A. I LOVE Lost- went through a little frustration at the beginning of the last season, but back on track now. I hope you're watching the current season.

B. Green peppers are yucky even without blood.

Z. Sorry 'bout your carpet. I've had some plumbing issues at my house as well. Luckily it didn't involve the carpeting, since there were solids- if you catch my drift- in the water.

13/2/08 21:01  

I'm so glad you're posting again!!

And ouch about your thumb. That's making my stomach all ooogey just thinking about it.

15/2/08 08:44  

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