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Monday, January 14, 2008

A New CD

I’m a little ashamed (but obviously not enough to make me stop writing) to say that last week I bought a Charlotte Church CD. First of all, I almost never buy CDs. I’m not much of a listen-to-a-CD kind of girl. I like the radio, and call me crazy but even an entertaining commercial now and then is a completely acceptable way to spend a commute. So, I have long viewed CD’s as an unnecessary expense. My husband, the owner of hundreds of CD’s (that are currently being downloaded onto his Zune so he can listen to them even more), does not share this opinion. I think that the last time I purchased a CD was two Christmases ago when I heard a Christmas song on the radio that “inspired” me.

One might ask what a non-CD purchaser (such as myself) is doing buying a Charlotte Church CD. Charlotte Church, though she has an absolutely gorgeous voice, is the kind of person that is half painful for me to listen to since she reminds me so much of being such a band-geek in high school. Not that she’s a geek or anything, because I’ve never met her. But I can’t help feeling that since she’s been a famous classical singer since she was a little girl, she must be a geek, or at the very least not quite normal (much like me). Anyway, she kind of reminds me of high school, so typically I can’t listen to her music without feeling a pang.

However, I overcame my desire to not spend good, hard-earned money on something I could hear for free on the radio, and I conquered the undeniable twinges of geek-hood to obtain “Prelude” by Charlotte Church. What could arouse such a transformation, you may ask.

It is “The Flower Duet” from “Lakme”. It’s a beautiful piece. It gives me chills. I first heard it on an unassuming day at Michigan State, back in the days when I had 24/7 access to the perfect NPR station. It was a beautiful Michigan fall day when it was still quite warm and the leaves were changing colors and the sky was bright blue (like it is in the summer, not pale blue like in the winter). It was the kind of day that makes you glad to be a Michiganian. Anyway, Charlotte Church has a beautiful version of this song. As I drove home on a rainy January Friday in Indiana, I skipped to song eleven on my CD and felt refreshed, and like somehow it added a little poetry to my life. I guess that’s how good music is.
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That was amazing!

aaaand... I hear what you're saying about radio; I still don't own one of those pod-thingy's and end up scanning the stations while sitting in LA traffic.

I especially like the jazz dj's; those cats have such great voices....

16/1/08 22:22  

I read your post and checked out the song awhile ago and just didn't comment, but now...

Thanks to you, when I heard this song played as the sound track to..... something I can't think of now, I knew what it was! Which made the use of the song funnier to me than to other people because the tv show, or movie or whatever the heck it was had something to do with flowers! Thanks for helping get in on the joke, and improving my cultural literacy of course.

BTW, I LOVE my ipod and I hate radio, except npr.

30/1/08 08:21  

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