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Thursday, February 28, 2008

The Flu

I get the flu shot. I'm a firm believer flu shots. I've gotten the flu several times in my twenty-something years, and one year, I got tired of it and started getting the flu shot. Winter has been better ever since. My winters had become so painless, it was like I was one of those girls in a pretty white sundress with embroidery dancing through meadows full of daisies. I haven't gotten the flu, significant colds, etc for years. It's been beautiful.

You've heard, haven't you that the 2007/2008 flu shot only covered against one of two strains that were going around this year? Yeah, well... I got the other one. >:( Gr. Maybe once I'm over being so mad that I got the flu, and that I had to sleep sitting straight up on the couch, and that I couldn't get relief from any remedy, and that my nose is now so full of sores that it's painful to touch, I'll write about something cheerful, like how wonderful it was to see everyone this past weekend, and how lovely Jon and Amy's wedding was, and all.
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I am amazed that I haven't gotten the flu... You have to be #30 in the past week to have the flu, that has been near me. Just writing this makes me nervous/sick.:(

1/3/08 16:09  

Can you get sick through the internet? This is the healthiest (most healthy?) winter I've had in ages. I'm getting paranoid waiting for the other shoe to drop.

2/3/08 19:32  

... I've never had the flu shot, and only get the flu about once every 3 years if then... I got it this year... ick ... but was only down for 2 1/2 days.

2/3/08 23:18  

I didn't get the flu shot, and while Julie was stuffed up and miserable, I ended up getting a fever, something I haven't had in years, for four days along with the stuffy nose and a wicked cough that still hasn't gone away completely.(It's been 14 days now). So while the flu shot wasn't the miracle cure, it definitely knocked things down a bit. I suggest getting one for next year.

20/3/08 08:34  

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