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Monday, March 24, 2008


I hate to break my silence with depressing news, but here it is anyway. The first member of my high school graduating class (that I know of) has died today. He was in a really bad car accident in Bay City, Michigan. The driver of the other car ran a stop sign and hit him on the driver's side door.

Anyway, I grew up with this guy. We spent 180 days a year together from the time we were 5 years old until we were 18, and we weren't bosom pals or anything, he was nice kid that I had a lot of laughs with in band, and joked with in grammar, and remembered from the reading rug in kindergarten.

I'm not feeling very articulate but I wanted to make some wistful remarks about Easter and celebrating new life and what that means in the light of mortality, but when it comes right down to it, the only words that come to mind is, "I'm so sorry," and "that's awful." But I'm glad there is an Easter. I'm so grateful that there is a new hope and a new life and that the new life and hope of Easter are evident even in nature in this time of year. And I don't have anything particularly poetic to say except that I truly am sorry for the loss of his friends and family. Good bye, Jacob.

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I think you were very articulate. When it comes to loss, only the articulate know how to say nothing or little.

I pray that God blesses you through this time of thinking and wondering, because even though you weren't close, there are still questions to be pondered and ideas to wrestle.


26/3/08 13:38  

that's sad. :(

26/3/08 19:48  

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