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Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Sam And Maggie Go To The Vet

Last week, Maggie got spayed. Initially, we had scheduled an appointment for Sam to go in as well. Sam had been a huge turd and we had started to wonder if maybe he was sick or not feeling well. So, we had scheduled an appointment for Maggie at 8:10 for her spay and an appointment for Sam at 8:30 for a general office visit. But it turned out that I got the stomach flu (the details of which I will spare you), and Brian had appointments at work, so he had to drop Mags off for her spay and couldn't take Sam. So, it turned out that Sam and Maggie did not go to the vet. Just Maggie.

So, you could rightly ask yourself why I named my post "Sam and Maggie Go to the Vet" when Sam didn't actually go. The reason I named it that is because we (Brian and I) thought it would make a great children's book title. Although we may have had different ideas as to the gist of the story.

I thought it could be a meaningful, thought-provoking yarn about the reality of mortality (Sam's story) and the hope of life (Maggie's story). Maybe it could be about Sam facing the fact that he's aging, and how he feels about that. And maybe it could be about Maggie feeling tip-top and cheerful and how she ultimately makes Sam feel young again.

However, I think when Brian suggested this title, he thought the story should be a comedic tale about two adults trying to juggle an enormous puppy and a tiny, yet snarly, Jack Russel Terrier at the vet. Where Mags (the puppy) is trying to chew on everything, possibly even the receptionist's shoe, and Sam (the snarly Jack Russel) is trying to attack every living creature with the exception of the people and Maggie. In the pictures, Sam would have perky little ears, and would always have those little dust balls behind his feet that indicate how fast he's running. And Maggie would be really big (though not quite like Clifford), and would likely shuffle around like ScoobyDoo.

But whatever the story, whether a child's expose on mortality and hope, or a laugh a minute slap-stick comedy, it's a great title. And maybe Brian and I should take to writing children's books.
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