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Friday, June 06, 2008

Wedding Dresses

Ok, I'm a huge sucker for wedding dresses. I'm a big girl. I can admit it. So, when I saw this wedding dress slide show, I got excited. And the dresses are very pretty and all, but what's up with the girls' faces? Some of them look like they have just had their brains sucked out by aliens, some look mean, some look like, "Did he show up??" Only one or two actually looks like some sort of bride. Take a look...
posted by Julie at 4:53 PM


ha! model #9 looks seriously peeved...maybe it's from the severely pulled back hair style, or from the fact that she appears to be wearing aladdin's cap atop her veil. thanks for sharing :]

7/6/08 11:19  

LOL! I know, right? I think model number 6 is my fave. I think she's actuallys saying, "duh."

7/6/08 22:09  

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