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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

TRULY Officially Technological

OK, so in my undergrad, I majored in Math and refused to buy a calculator. It didn't actually make sense for me to buy a calculator because I borrowed one from my mom and then once I graduated from Calculus I (which was my freshman year), I wasn't allowed to use anything more than an eight function. So, now that I'm in a graduate program (this time in Education), I bought a graphing calculator. Go figure (no pun intended). So, now I am truly, truly technologically advanced. Five years ago when I graduated from MSU I thought I was pretty technologically savvy because I owned a mechanical pencil...
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LO!!! You are coming up in this world!!!

17/7/08 09:11  

Well, I hope you don't annoy your professors by fooling and fiddling with that calculator when you are supposed to be listening! It is for those reasons that my partner and I have had to ban mechanical pencils from our classroom!

24/7/08 08:17  

LOL! When you came to KS, you were still pretty convinced that your mechanical pencil was an amazing piece of technology.


26/7/08 17:08  

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