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Friday, August 15, 2008


I love my new phone. I got an LG EnV.

When I was in high school, my mom got me my very first cell phone. It was the free one people used to get for opening accounts with Verizon. It too was an LG. It was nothing particularly special, and I spent the next few years, forgetting to take it on trips (which are why my mom bought it), dropping it, getting it wet, etc, etc. And that was when I first fell in love with LG phones. I had that phone for a few years, and then when my mom renewed my 45 minute/month plan when I was in college, I got a new one that was exactly like the old one. I loved those phones. I thought if something electronic could take that much abuse and keep coming back for more (I have a black thumb when it comes to electronic stuff), then it must be good stock.

My mom couldn’t kick me off her cell phone plan fast enough when I graduated from college. I think I figured out how cool it was to have a cell phone, and be jabbering on it 24/7 and the 45 minutes/month just didn’t hack it. So, my mom hacked me. I have to admit I was a little surprised when I got a bill in the mail one month that hadn’t been there the month before.

Anyway, I kept getting LG phones, and while all my friends were griping about their Samsung or other brand phones, I happily chatted on mine for years. I have ran into a few snags, that goes to show you that phones (not even LGs) don’t last forever. As an example, I had this great flip phone when I lived in Detroit. I loved that thing. It wasn’t anything but a phone. No camera clogging the memory, no music, just a phone. That’s my style. I don’t think you can even find such an animal any more. Anyway, that phone died after a prolonged illness one day while Brian and I were engaged (read: when I was too broke to replace it). It was right before we got married, and my new-every-two wasn’t due for another month or two. And I had broken off the little flap that went over the charging port. Anyway, from my continual abuse, it built up some corrosion in the charging port and wouldn’t charge. Often, I could shake it and it would charge. Sometimes I had to press it just the right way to get it to charge, but one day no amount of pressing, shaking, and later kicking could get the poor little guy to charge.

But a few weeks ago I bought an EnV. I’m kinda used to having a nice phone. And usually after the novelty wears off it’s just a phone that let’s me rack up phone bills that could make grown people cry. This is why I haven’t told you about my phone before now. It is because I thought eventually the novelty would wear off. But it hasn’t. It’s a great phone. And oh-so-convenient for Brian and my new texting package.

So, if you’re tired of racking up phone bills the old-fashioned way and would rather text your thumbs off, you want an EnV. Don’t even bother with a Blackberry (your co-workers will just email you at 3:30 in the morning if you get one of those); go straight for the no-nonsense keyboard, and 4-5 day battery life. It’s the bomb.
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I like LG brand phones. They can survive anything, including murder attempts...I tried to kill my last LG phone (I wanted a new one), but I couldn't get it to die. Eventually I came up for the new-every-two and got a new phone anyhow. :)

18/8/08 17:13  

The part about my wife having an electronics black thumb is true. Not only a black thumb, but it usually only takes 0.5 seconds of something not working correctly for her to start spouting about how stupid a device it is. Evidently this is easier than pushing the button again.

18/8/08 22:12  

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