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Monday, September 15, 2008

Things I'm Excited to Wear Now That It's Fall

I do realize that this may make me come off as a little... er... vain... but it is so much fun to dig through your closet and remember all the stuff you have that you haven't seen for 6 months.

Speaking of my mom, she’s getting cataract surgery today (very exciting). So, I’m sure she’d appreciate prayers that everything will go smoothly. I’m guessing that she will have never seen as clearly as she will see in a day or two (she’s always had poor vision).

posted by Julie at 9:52 AM


I love changing seasons and getting to "go shopping" in your own closet! Soo much fun.

15/9/08 11:05  

I have to say that I am with you on getting out fall stuff, though right now, while I am wearing pg stuff it isn't nearly as exciting. I think the things you are excited about wearing or using sound like some of the very same ones that I would be excited about as well.....minus the skinny jeans :)

15/9/08 16:28  

A girl can never have enough black. My husband swears in another life I was goth.

15/9/08 18:53  

I like fall clothes. All my favorite articles of clothing are 'fallish.'

How'd your mom's surgery go?

16/9/08 17:14  

I LOVE FALL!!!!!! Bring on the autumn colors... :)

17/9/08 11:35  

I'm so excited to live in a place where fall exists this year! I won't have to wait till January for the three days all year when the temperature is right and I try to fit in wearing every single cardi, scarf, hat, long sleeved t, and sweater I own!

17/9/08 14:38  

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