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Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Mini Vacation

Brian and I went to Manistee for a long (4 day) weekend. It was quite eventful. Normally, when we go up there we sorta sit around and go out to eat. This time we went to Sleeping Bear Dunes, and we went conoeing on the Platte. My shoulders are still really sore, but hopefully Brian will leave me alone about "working out my arms" for a couple days anyway (he's worried that I'll get osteoperosis if I don't do resistance training on my arms and I hate resistance training). Anyway, here's a couple of pics (yes, we finally took our camera and remembered to use it).

Here's me and Brian's shadows at Sleeping Bear Dunes. Turns out Sleeping Bear Dunes is about 3 miles of hilly sand. Who knew? It also seems to be quite the international hot spot it was quite crowded and most of the rest of the people were speaking other languages. It was really fun to hear them all.

Here's a picture of the pier at sunset. Everything was a mad-house this weekend, there were people everywhere, but it's fun for a change to have all the energy and spirit of the tourists... oh wait, we were the tourists!
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PS, I finally got my test scores back. I passed!

2/9/08 21:54  

Interesting pictures! I love the pier! Maybe someday we'll meet you guys up there......

3/9/08 07:43  

Ohh! Congrat's on the passing score!

3/9/08 15:36  

i love michigan. wish i was there.

good job passing!

4/9/08 22:44  

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