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Thursday, October 02, 2008

My First Week at School

Well, this was my first week of being a Freshman math teacher at Elmhurst High. It has certainly been an adventure. Although I must admit to really enjoying it. We're still working out the kinks. As a little background the kids have had 2 other teachers for math class. My honor's class is about 2-3 weeks behind the school district's map, and my two algebra classes are about 1-2 weeks behind map. The students ran the last guy ragged, so now they push every single button I have. They must not have found the right one yet, because I still like the little turkeys (well, most of them).

That's all so far. I'll keep you informed of progress.

posted by Julie at 3:17 PM


Sounds fun! Glad it went so well and that the kids are learning it is more fun to get could always implement Mr. Price's boastcard system.

2/10/08 19:41  

Ooooooh! Good idea!

2/10/08 19:45  

Yeah! Another teacher in the family! And one who knows how to run a tight ship as well. You make us all so proud. Wouldn't you just love to see kids in Brett's classes try to get away with something? I would get so much satisfaction out of that. I guess the kids who think that they can push your button don't know that as a youngest child you've been an expert on button pushing yourself- not that you stoop to that kind of thing now that you're a grown up :-)

3/10/08 16:41  

Oh my gosh. You are so brave.

You're going to be as good as Mrs. Foco and Mr. Pryce and Mr. Steive some day. It'll be awesome to say, "My best friend is a really great teacher."

4/10/08 07:44  

Gosh, hearing your adventures in high school makes me glad I'm teaching elementary. The worst they do is get noisy and lose focus. I love the (semi-) innocence of them. :) My mom teaches high school English and she says her students respond really well to candy. Positively reinforce the ones with good behavior by giving them candy and they should start acting better. Or at least it works for my mom.
Go first year teachers! :)

5/10/08 20:19  

Sounds like you are earning your money. That's why I stick to elementary :)

8/10/08 09:16  

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