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Sunday, March 01, 2009

Nothing to Report

I'm starting a new quilting project. Don't ask why. As if I'm not busy enough. But I know that Spring Break is coming up, and we're going down to see Beth and Ben, so I thought I should have a project to be working on for the 7 hour car ride.

I also got a new Zune. I accidentally broke the wheel on my last one and Brian found out that if you order them directly from Zune they'll engrave stuff on the back. So, he had mine engraved. I've been learning that I need to have two shots at each electronic thing I get. I had to exchange my computer once, now my Zune.... and I think those are the only two electronics I've ever owned. lol!

Maggie is doing pretty good. She's been really good about being left out while we're gone. She mostly just sleeps on the loveseat in the living room (which she's not allowed on when we're home, but it seems like a bearable evil compared to having accidents and getting into the trash). She sleeps in our room now, on the floor. She likes that. I think she'd be scared to sleep in Sam's room all by her lonesome. How's it going with my grief? Well, I think I'm OK. I washed some of his towels yesterday. :( I still haven't had the heart to clean out his kennel and collapse his cage and put it in the garage. I'm hoping Brian will do it. :) I've been thinking I'd like a new Sam, but I know there's never been a dog quite like him. That's why I want to get a dog from his lineage. :) Brian said he's done with Jack-Rats. But they really are very, very cute. I mean, look at this stinker!... LOL! Who could resist??

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I miss Sam... That dog looks cute. What if I got you a cat? Do you think Brian can handle that?;) Hope you have fun on your car trip... Need anyone to sit Maggie? hint hint :)

1/3/09 23:17  

Don't get a Cat!!

Of course, that's just my opinion.

4/3/09 11:36  

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