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Monday, October 20, 2008

On Being a Grown-up in High School

Ways that I have found that I'm like a 14-year-old Freshman

Reasons why I know I'm a grown up now

posted by Julie at 5:57 PM


This is amazing.

However, some of your topics appear to be quite far fetched. For example, what are profanity free bathrooms? I was under the impression that even my grandpa's bathroom contained at least one heart-encased 'Francine loves Humphrey'.

Also, I don't know about you, but the compass has always been, is currently, and always will be my number one choice for violent activities.

21/10/08 00:32  

I'd like to try the same exercise, but I'm afraid that I'm really way more like a 14 year old than I am like any other grown up. An incredibly uncool 14 year old.

21/10/08 17:16  

Text during class if you must, but please tell me you don't text and drive. I saw a girl texting on the highway yesterday. And while I'm sure she thought her driving was not impaired, I assure you it was and I couldn't wait to get past her.

BTW: was the past tense of "to text?"

22/10/08 12:20  

"texted"??... I'm not sure!

I don't text and drive. I tried to read a text at a stop light once, and almost bumped into the car in front of me and got honked at to go when the light turned green from the car behind me. So, I thought since I'm only in my car 30-60 minutes a day, texts can wait.

22/10/08 12:30  

But when you say it out loud, doesn't "texted" sound weird, like you don't know how to speak correctly? I'd really like to get this issue cleared up. Maybe I should try Grammar Girl. Have you heard of her? She's fabulous.

I'm glad you don't text and drive since I love you and don't want to lose you :-) Anyway, I figured you are too smart for that anyhow!

23/10/08 12:49  

Yay for going back to school...

I start in January, which is called the "Spring semester" at this school...

A real misnomer, because Spring in Minnesota won't be coming until mid-May, maybe even June....

...and, there's a 30% chance of snow on Sunday...

I love this town :)

24/10/08 11:55  

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