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Monday, January 05, 2009

We're Yuppies???

OK, so we broke down and got a new car. Brian's car has been leaking oil :( and we found this ridiculously awesome deal on a 2001 Volvo S60. We honestly couldn't pass it up. We would have been crazy to not get it with Brian's car on its last banana peal. The guy we bought it from and his wife had 3 vehicles and no kids old enough to drive, and since they were from Michigan (a no-fault insurance state), they decided to get rid of the car with the highest insurance. Good for us. Indiana is NOT a no-fault state.

Brian and I have had some trouble finding a new car because we have very different car philosophies. My car philosophy is that it should 1) start every time, 2) have a good heater. I have a few things that I LIKE to see in a car, but don't need, for example, I prefer a car to get good gas mileage, and if I had to choose between two cars of equal price, one of which is hideous, and the other of which is cool, I would probably choose the cool one. Lastly, I like cars to be practical. I like them to have things like big trunks, and fold-down seats, but none of these things are necessary.

Brian's car philosophy (as I see it), is that cars should be an extension of the owner's personality. For an example, a fun-loving, cheerful, college student would probably like a VW Bug. A car is like an accessory to him (a very expensive accessory). Since we were replacing his car, he wanted something decent looking, preferably with fun options (like heated seats etc), and the mechanics aren't very important since he likes to tinker with cars anyway.

So, when meshing "practical" for me, and "fun" for Brian, the Volvo name kept popping up. So, that's what we got. Unfortunately, one of our friends told us that now that we got a Volvo we're yuppies. That took some of the fun out of it for me, since "practical" and "yuppy" should not describe the same car. LOL! But I've gotten over it, because it was really a very practical purchase.

Here's a pic...

posted by Julie at 6:06 PM


I think I have Brian's philosophy. I think the car represents who you are... thus why I have a two door Cobalt. I don't think you guys are yuppies. I think that car is pretty slick, just don't tell Brian.

5/1/09 22:04  

I think that you actually have the same philosophy as Brian- the car is an extension of your personality. You are practical, you like to be fun and have fun, but not if it gets in the way of practical, because impractical takes all the fun out of it.

6/1/09 22:13  

Nice ride. I approve. The heck with being a yuppy! Embrace your Volvo yuppiness! :)

7/1/09 22:29  

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