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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Various Things

  1. I spelled my maiden name incorrectly on a request for my MSU transcripts. That's weird considering, I've only been married for a year (which should not be long enough to forget 25 years worth of writing my last name on everything). My excuse? I was typing and I claim it to be a typo.
  2. I've officially over-booked myself (again). This weekend is girl's camp and so I'm leaving tomorrow and coming home on Sunday night. Between tonight and tomorrow I have promised to make something for a friend for lunch serving (which should be #1 priority since I promised that first), make chicken salad for Brian to eat while I'm gone, get presents/decor for girls camp (which - incidentally I totally didn't even think about doing before), pack, finish the laundry (which I'm embarrassed to say has gotten completely out of control since I haven't really finished the laundry in about 2 weeks, so now we have stacks and stacks and stacks of folded laundry all over the laundry room because I like folding, and hate putting it away), and do the Bible Study for girls camp.
  3. I've been really tired lately. I'm feeling a little better today. But very tired and confused and not very "with the program". It's kinda maddening. I blame the weather (Heaven forbid I take responsibility for going to bed late and over-booking myself. lol).
  4. We went to the Rib Fest this past weekend. Awesome. Then we left and got ice cream (actually frozen custard).
  5. Our first year anniversary is in 12 days. Can't believe it's been a year already. Whoa. And yet sometimes it feels like we've been together our whole lives (in a good way). I would tell you all what I got Brian, but he reads my blog (and actually might be scouring it right now for clues). So, I guess you'll have to find out after he does. I'm really proud of it. hehe. I love surprises (I just stink at keeping surprises surprises).
  6. Margo is due next Saturday. I'm pretty pumped about that. I can't wait to hear their name. I have an obsession with names.
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Sounds like you'll by busy for a while. I just wanted to say, I hope miss-spelling your maiden name doesn't mean you'll be skipping Wally World, 'cause we'd miss you, even if it is your 1-year anniversary. Sounds like we'll have a new addition too!

21/6/07 14:31  

There's going to be several new additions this year. Sounds really fun. I can't wait. I can't possibly miss Wally World. Not even for our anniversary (which we're actually going to be celebrating this weekend).

25/6/07 11:26  

So, the 2nd is your anniversary? That did go fast. So, watch, Margo will go into labor before me and have made it through perfectly.:)

25/6/07 18:52  

Not that anyone really cares, but Julie never did get to that chicken salad thing for her husband. I basically would have starved were it not for the leftover hotdogs.

26/6/07 20:31  

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