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Monday, July 02, 2007

Busy, Busy

On Saturday, Brian was busy fixing our hot tub (yeahhh!) when we got a call from my brother Jeff, who said that he and Margo were at the hospital and Margo had the baby and it's a girl and her name is Summer (pictures soon). Summer is very cute. Probably one of the cutest babies ever (I'm not being proud, I'm just stating the facts). Then my mom and sister, Peggy called, saying that since Summer had been born they were coming down with my dad and my niece, Hallie, to see her and that they intended to stay with us (mind you by this time we were getting ready to go out for our anniversary). So, we ran around like chickens with our heads cut off making our house "Mom Appropriate" (doing the dishes, and throwing out last weeks newspapers, and folding all the laundry and such). Then we left for probably one of the best meals of my life at a little Italian hole-in-the-wall downtown called the Italian Connection. The family that owns said hole-in-the-wall is actually Italian and make their own pasta from scratch. It was great. Then, when we got back home, my family was on their way over from the hospital (which had closed) and wanted to go out for ice cream.

So, yesterday we frantically went and bought Summer a present and went to see her at the hospital. She's very, very cute. We went to dinner with the fam and then went back home where Brian worked on the hot tub some more and I watched TV for a while.

Today is actually our anniversary, so tonight we plan on relaxing. We're not even going out to eat because we want to just sit at home and do nothing for an entire evening. Maybe we'll have a little bubbly, maybe we'll pop a little popcorn, maybe we'll have a fire (it's been cold the last couple of days!). But regardless, we're just going to relax. Maybe Brian will be able to get the hot tub up and running and then we may sit in that until we turn to prunes with our popcorn.

Anyway, I will have pictures of Summer very soon (she's really cute).
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Happy 1st Anniversary! :)

2/7/07 21:15  

Happy anniversary. I can't believe that it's been a year already! Time really does fly by.

4/7/07 12:35  

I can't wait to see pictures! (Happy anniversary by the way)

Good choice with Italian Connection. Yum!

5/7/07 22:52  

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