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Monday, April 20, 2009

Eating Local

So, with eating local foods being a new fad, Brian and I decided to get on the band wagon. We decided to only eat food from Georgetown Square. So, we will be eating a lot at Ziffles Rib Bar, quite a bit at Peking, once and a while at Munchies, and in a pinch, Subway. I'm not exactly sure what "eating local" means, but I think Brian and I have cut to the heart of it.

In other news:

Happy Monday!

posted by Julie at 9:16 AM


Hey Julie! Sorry to hear about your stair slippage and delayed spring. Congrats on your "daughter" starting school and you almost finishing yours!

22/4/09 19:02  

I refused to cave to winter's hostile take over of spring. I wore bare legs and sandals to school on Tuesday and was rewarded with sun on Wed. "Fight back," I say!

23/4/09 12:57  

Kirk and I loved trying the local Ft. Wayne restaurants and Ziffle's was a favorite! Best ribs in town!!

26/4/09 15:27  

Eating local is so fun ( : Have you tried the Dash-In? That's a fav-we love going on a sunny day and eating outside. The Dunfee Plumtickled Junction is far enough it may not be considered local but worth the drive ( : especially when you have spring fever-they've got lots of annuals for sale.

28/4/09 09:21  

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