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Monday, July 24, 2006

Weddings, Honeymoons, and Name Changes

The wedding went well. After tripping on the front bench Peggy's, wedding, dumping punch all over myself at Lisa's wedding, leaving about 3 hours early at Brooke's and other such traumatic wedding experiences, I had no hope for the success of my own wedding. For weeks I literally prayed that I would not pull the crinoline out of my skirt when we stood up from the prayer after our vows. I had been agonizing about every detail and had forgotten to do the seating chart for the family and wound up doing that at 6:30 on Sunday morning, with everyone but my mom (who was picking up the keys for the hall) still tucked in their warm, snug beds. Not to mention that the electricity went out at my parents' house the evening before and my mom and dad didn't sleep at all until it came back on at 2:30 and then not much after that. But it was all wonderful. It's amazing, these things, how they reinforce my motto that it's never perfect but it's always wonderful.

Brian and I left for our honeymoon (in Maine) ASAP. We left the hall earlier than I anticipated, mostly because I had to go to the bathroom and if you anyone wants to know how one might go to the bathroom in a dress like mine was, I can relieve your curiosity by informing you that the dress must come off which seemed a little.... tricky in a public bathroom stall.

Then there was Maine, which without doubt, is the best place I have ever been. It was beautiful, and the lobster (the real reason we went to Maine) was out of this world.

Now we're back in sunny Indiana and I am here to tell ya, ladies, name-changes take twice as long as require twice as much gas as you can ever anticipate. I had no good feeling about changing my name, and I knew it would take forever, but this, I assure is twice as long. Mostly, because our fine Social Security office had an incorrect birthday on record, so even more documentation had to be sent from Michigan, and reveiwed and validated, and long story short, I still don't have my new last name from them. But eventually, I will have my new name. :)

Today I mowed the lawn with Brian's moterless mower - Gr - and did more name change stuff, and skimmed some emails, and I'm feeling pretty accomplished, and quite a bit like normal, and like I'm settling in.

If you would like to see wedding pictures feel free to view a couple of them at Dan's site.
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