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Monday, October 30, 2006

Word Extravaganza

A Stunning Glimpse Into The American Vocabulary Catalog!

I admit somewhat hesitantly that I read magazine covers at the check-out lines. Yes, I am fully aware that the magazines that sell in the front of the store (not in the magazine section where they belong) are complete trash. But nonetheless, I'm a reader, and I can't be expected to see words and not read them.

I am always amused at how strong the language is on some of these articles. Everyone's got never-before-seens, shocking truths, incredible secrets, etc. etc. Call me a cynic, but I expect and would even be dissapointed if I didn't see strong language on the front of check-out lane literature. What annoys me is when I see it attached to NASA' s official published slide-shows . It makes me wonder about society when the desire to be entertained is so great that pictures of Mars can not even speak for themselves but instead need to be lowered to check-out lane literature. Here are some of the actual headlines I got off of MSN:

Come on. You have to admit that is pretty stinkin' funny. I think from now on to give my life a little more pizazz I'm going to talk like check-out lane literature.

So experience the amazing thrills of the evening! Never before lived life will be exposed! Secrets of the night will be revealed in incredible REM footage! Scandalous breakfast will abandoned!

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Monday, October 23, 2006

Fabulous Shoes

Most of you are probably aware that I love, love shoes. My mom always tells the story about how when I was little she lost me in the mall to find me trying on all the shoes at Hudson's (it was Hudson's then, later Marshall Fields, and now Macy's). I like tall shoes, flat shoes, boot shoes, strappy shoes, all shoes. But most of all, I like fabulous shoes.

What constitutes a "fabulous" shoe? Well, they have to be extremely out-of-the-ordinary, and they have to attract a lot of attention to your feet. They're often the shoes you see at the store that are so loud you stand there and wonder what in the world people wear with them. I love these shoes. Most of the time they are so uncomfortable only a true fan would put up with them, but I have practices walking in fabulous shoes since the first pair that my mom got me at a garage sale when I was 5 or so. My first pair of fabulous shoes were tall black boots with tall pointy heels and pointy toes, and incidently have come back into style in recent years.

Over the years, I have collected many a fabulous shoe. I had a pair that had long leather strings and tied up your legs, and had little pink, blue, and purple flowers on the toe (this lovely footwear was worn very proudly to Jeff and Margo's wedding). I had a pair of white strappy sandles that were so tall they made me 5'9" (literally a four inch heel) and sported a huge white rosette on the side of the toe. I had another pair that was every shade of light green in the book, but still match nothing I own, but I wear them with anything I own that's even slightly greenish. Still another pair of the most uncomfortable looking black heels that you have ever seen that I insist on wearing to funerals, even though I sink into the grass at the grave-sight with every step.

But my latest pair of fabulous shoes are just about my favorite (although I like the green ones a lot too). The newest conquest is a pair of paten-leather burgendy-red pumps with a cut out toe, and an ankle strap. My mom claims that her sister had the exact same pair when she was my age. They're lovely. They are so cool, I can't wear them enough. Brian almost keeled over when he saw them, and said that they gave him a stronger negitive reaction than any other piece of footwear he had ever seen. He's getting used to them. :) He has also put a limit on how often I can wear them. He says that I can't wear them two Sundays in a row until I've worn them to the same church 3 times. Which means that I can't wear them twice in a row for six weeks. But he does admit that they do look good with the white skirt and red shirt I usually wear around Christmas time. By then I should be able to wear them every week.

Yes, shoes are easily my favorite accessory. I can carry the same purse for eons, it took me 3 years to pick out a new wallet, but shoes? Oh no, shoes are the spice of my wardrobe. Shoes are what makes me get dressed in the morning.
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