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Monday, January 30, 2006

I've Officially Graduated!

There are certain moments in a person's life that may seem insignificant, but are really important. The day I became "officially technological" was one such day. Another such day occurred Saturday, January 28, 2006. You may wonder about the significance of a random sounding day as January 28th, but wonder no more. January 28, 2006 was the day I officially graduated from "Oil-free" facial moisturizer to "Combination skin" moisturizer. Some of you may not realize the right-of-passage that was crossed when I started using a moisturizer that has oil in it, but in my mind I equate it with womanhood. When you can stop worrying about pimples and start worrying about wrinkles, you have made it! I have been waiting for this day for about 25 years now, I finally feel like an adult.

Unfortunately, my moment of self-importance was ruined about ten minutes ago, when my co-worker, Laura, who is a woman with very lovely skin at the age of 50, told me that she just found a pimple the other day. So, perhaps, "Combination skin" doesn't mean that you can stop worrying about pimples, perhaps it means you have to worry about both pimples and wrinkles at the same time. So, I thought to myself, "isn't that just like adulthood? Just when you think it's cool to be an adult something happens to remind you that you're just a very old kid."

So, in this brief moment of time where I'm not getting neither zits nor wrinkles, I'm going to enjoy it. I'm sure it last another 45 minutes.
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Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Sorry Guys

But I have nothing interesting to say today....

Or anything uninteresting to say, for that matter.....

So, I'll save it until I can think of something.
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Friday, January 20, 2006

Ways I Have Officially Turned Into A Psycho Bride

Confession: It has been confirmed. I'm a crazy bride. I always thought I'd be one of those cool brides who doesn't let anything ruffle her and is just as calm as a cucumber. Guess what! I'm not. It's OK to laugh at me. I realize I'm crazy. Let me explain to you how I'm crazy.
  1. During registering (which was super fun), I found a red, chili pepper wreath which I fell in love with. Brian, on the other hand, reasonably assumed that it was the tackiest thing he has ever seen (it was tacky - but still very, very cool!). After using one of his "absolute no's" (we had a sort of pact where you got so many no-questions-asked vetos), I mentioned it no fewer than a hundred times. And still bring it up periodically.
  2. I called my sister this morning to see if my dress had been dropped off yet (she was the only person I could think of who would be home to sign for it) and it had been delivered. Within a matter of minutes I had excitedly called and/or emailed everyone I've ever met to tell them that it came.
  3. I just spent almost two hours looking for thank-you cards online (and I still didn't find anything that I liked).
  4. I wasted eight trees and the afternoons of 3 federal employees to pick out fonts for our invitations.
  5. I have somewhere in the neighborhood of 17 pictures of Brian and I in my cube at work (and of course they all look exactly the same, except we're wearing different clothes).
  6. Cameron - my carpool friend - is about to disown me, because the 50 mile drive gives me way, way too long to describe every wedding detail.
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Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Happy Birthday To Me

Today is my birthday. I am officially one quarter of a century old. Wow.

But enough about me!

Today is an exciting day. Because today is a snowy day. I'm not sure where all of you live, but here in Michigan it has seemed more like Seattle, Washington (I can say that now because I've been there). It has been coldish (lower forties), foggy, gray, misty, rainy, uck. But last night we got that warm, slushy snow. About two inches of it, and it is now clinging to every, single twig of every, single branch of every, single tree. And it's beautiful. And I remembered why I am still in Michigan - even though it's January. Because when it looks like this, it is beautiful. So, I'm excited. It's a beautiful winter, Michigan day. And it's not too cold (by too cold I mean -27 degrees). It's just beautiful. So, for today, January 18th, 2006, all is right in Michigan (or at least all is right in my own sheltered little area in Michigan - but either way....).
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Friday, January 13, 2006


Pronunciation: 'brId

Definition: All stressed up and everywhere to go.

Reference: The Holly Bohart Collegiate Dictionary
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Thursday, January 12, 2006

My Productive Day

I am of the opinion that if you're going to be productive and make everyone jealous at how much you can juggle at one time, you should do it in spurts. You shouldn't have to maintain wonder-person status. You should be able to do it, impress everyone, and then be able to lapse back into normal life. We all know we're not wonder-people, we can't maintain such activity very long. But if you have one productive day followed by ten normal days, you're still averaging out to be more productive than the average person. Right? So, here's my theory. I have one super hero kind of day, and then I follow it with with ten or so lazy days, and I believe that this averages out to be about.... well.... Average.
So yesterday I:

Super human? It's been suggested. But honestly. All those things could legitimately take some serious time. But I managed to get it all done! Are you impressed yet? Because if you are I'd like to return back to my normal, lazy self. I'm tired! And since I did so much yesterday, I think I should be able to be lazy for a good 3 or 4 weeks now (by "lazy" I mean sitting on the couch for hours at a time only stirring to go to bed).

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Wednesday, January 11, 2006

You Can Tell Me It's Hideous Now

Because I was joking!

All day (well, not all day, but you get the picture) on Monday I spent hunting for the perfect dress to upload on my blog and scare everyone with. I was looking for something horrible, but not so horrible that no one would believe me. And the dress below is the one I decided on.

But I did get a couple of funny stories out of it. The funniest, was that Brian (for the second time in his life) checked my blog. I emailed him and told him to check it, but he doesn't check his email every day and I kinda assumed he wouldn't get the email until I had posted something that said I was joking. Anyway, long story short, the poor guy didn't know what to say and/or do. He was trying to be supportive, but he said his heart stopped when he saw it (which I don't doubt). It doesn't help that my family has been "preparing" him that my dress is a little non-traditional (i.e. trendy). So, he was already prepared to be surprised, so when he saw it he just assumed....

Anyway, I think he might be still twitching from the incident. You may want to pray for a quick recovery. :)
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Tuesday, January 10, 2006

I Ordered My Dress

Here's the clip-out from the magazine. I thought the hat was a little much so, I didn't get that.
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Monday, January 09, 2006

Back From The Dead

You may not have realized this.... but I almost died last week. Yes, died. It was horrible. I had the worst cold I've had in years. I missed almost 3 whole days of work. As it turned out, I didn't actually have a cold, I had a sinus infection, but even with antibiotics, I was pretty sick for a couple of days. On Friday I took 2 naps (both over 2 hours long) and got about 10 or 11 hours of sleep that night.

But I am definitely on the mend. Saturday I only took one nap. Yesterday, none. And today, I came back to work, although everyone is kinda eyeing me suspiciously and not getting too close... just in case.

In my delirium I had several epiphanies about myself, several of which I'll share now. This is kinda like the part of "Villette" where Lucy Snowe is sick and in her feverish confusion she wandered aimlessly through the streets of Villette until she happened upon a church where she confessed to the priest. So here are the confessions of Julie, discovered in the altered state of sickness.

That's all my confessions for today.

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Thursday, January 05, 2006

Mysteries Solved!

Brian and I were talking on the phone last night and I was tired, because I'm sicker than a dog, and after asking me a couple of questions, I realized (in my altered state - because in my regular state I probably wouldn't admit this) that I'm not a trivia queen. So, here's some stuff that I never knew and now I do, because I'm waiting for the doctor downstairs to call so I've been *google*ing stuff. So, here is some random trivia I've gleaned.

So, there's some random stuff for a weird, coldish day in January.

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Wednesday, January 04, 2006

This Picture Cracks Me Up

(In a good way)
This picture totally makes me laugh (in a very good way). There's just something about it that seems so.... I can't think of the right word. I just like it a lot. We took it when we walked down to the pier in Manistee (on Lake Michigan) the day after Christmas. Just in case anyone was wondering it was very, very cold on the Lake, and very, very windy.
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