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Sunday, June 25, 2006

Brian's "Lasts"

At the Tigers game that Brian went to with his groomsmen and some of his other good pals for his "bachalor party", they kept teasing him about "lasts." This would be the last time he would go to a professional league baseball game as a single man, as an example. So, since the game was Friday night, Brian has been pointing out lots of "lasts" for the last two days. Here's some of his "lasts":
And they keep building up. So, stay tuned, soon, all of Brian's "lasts" will turn into "firsts".
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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Strange Things You Do When Your Wedding Is 12 Days Away

  1. Persistantly check the weather forecast for an odd little 2000 person town in Maine
  2. Frantically paint in three different rooms at a time for days straight
  3. Give up on trying to find all the "perfect" things and settle for just finding things
  4. Stop shaving your legs (hey, I figure this is my final hurrah and then I have 75 years to shave)
  5. Trim your own bangs while going over your lesson plan (it turned out OK)
  6. Wear gloves when you're washing the dishes, I mean who would want chipped nails for their wedding (or in my case, who would want more chipped nails for their wedding)?
  7. Buy milk from a gas station (shady - I admit) because you don't have time to go to the grocery store, and you know you'll only be drinking it until next Monday when you move
  8. Spend two hours cleaning out your sock drawer, because you can't organize your thoughts enough to do anything else
  9. Have a panic attack every time your lip hurts for fear that you'll get a cold-sore
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Monday, June 12, 2006

Shhh! It's A Secret!

Don't tell them, but I finally had a great brain-storm about what to do with for my bridesmaids' gifts. Cecily and I had this awesome idea on our way home from Bay City last week. I'd tell you what it is, but I know that some of my bridesmaids read my blog, sooooooo, I won't.

Ugh, last week was nutty. Besides being mid-term week for my Basic Math class that I'm teaching this month, Brian and I also drove up to Grand Rapids for Hannah's graduation ceremony on Sunday and then on Wednesday Cecily and I drove to Detroit to drop off wedding stuff for Laura to do our tables at the reception, and then we drove to Bay City where I applied for the marriage license. Then this past weekend, Brian and I went to Grand Rapids again for Hannah's open house, and then over to Detroit on Sunday morning for Aaron and Michelle's wedding. What a week! I'm pooped.

I think I have a summer cold. You know the kind, where you get a scratchy throat, and a stuffy nose, and are really tired, but aren't completely miserable. Well, I'm pretty sure that's what's wrong with me. So, I'm trying to take it easy a little and rest. Like today, I got some rest. I had a mini nap this afternoon, and feel revived.

But that's all for now. Boring? I know. But all true. Maybe next time I'll post something that's very interesting (but untrue - at least it would be entertaining).
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Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Apparently Fort Wayne Schools Are Out For The Summer

I’m sitting in the public library down by Brian’s house, what was once a haven is now the summer home of smallish children who behave like squirrels on crack. Not that I have anything against smallish children, I’m related to several, and was even one myself at one time, but I noticed that in Fort Wayne, they don’t have the regular kind of librarians. You know, the tight bunned ladies, with pointy noses, that always shush people who are talking any louder than a whispering wind. Nope, these people do not exist in the Fort Wayne public library system. In fact, I don’t know if any of these librarians have even met someone who might be considered a traditional librarian. These librarians are jovial people who smile kindly at smallish children as the literally sprint around racks of books, and skip through the computer lab. They pat the heads of the smallish children who drop books in the high-ceiling, linoleum part of the building. They encourage lots of loud laughing, even louder talking, and on occasion even a little squealing. What is this world coming to? Where have the good librarians gone? Where is Miss Marion Madam Librarian when you need to strike terror in the heart of a smallish child?
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Friday, June 02, 2006

I Just Whacked A Mosquito

First of all, Mosquito is just $5 name for Vampire Bug. I am proud to announce that I just ridded the world of yet another e-vil (prounounced E-vile with a capital VILE) Vampire Bug. I saw him loitering on the wall behind the computer at Jeff and Margo's waiting to pounce. So, I cautiously got up and held up my hand to do away with him, but he saw my movement and retreated. The battle got pretty intense when I knocked a lamp into the wall, and I thought my plan of action would fail when I saw him retreat towards the vent. But alas, as he landed on the wall next to the vent my heavy hand beared down hard upon him and I smote him! *evil smile*
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