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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Maggie Apologizes, Brian Forgives

Maggie has been blue lately. In the classic reap what you sew scenario, Maggie made a poor decision when she chose to chew up a blue pen on our new lightly colored carpet. Maggie's poor choice has had a ripple effect since our home owner's insurance doesn't cover dog damage with pen (though ironically they cover dog damage with red wine - can you believe it's so specific??), and since we literally couldn't get it out with anything less than slightly diluted bleach. So, we now have a very stern, white spot, in our very soft, creamy carpet.

Brian immediately put Maggie for sale on Facebook and even had some inquiries. I, of course, protected the poor dear. Could she have possibly guessed that this tubular toy-looking thing would squirt permanent blue all over the carpet when gnawed? I reasoned. Brian took Maggie off the market. But no words of forgiveness and/or apology had been uttered between the two in the passing weeks.

It was surprising then, when Brian and I got home last night to see that Maggie had gotten in the trash and had pulled out a couple of empty envelopes. We assumed she must have wanted to conduct a little business. So, Brian told her that if she wanted to write a letter, all she needs to do is ask for an envelope. The ones from the trash aren't very nice any more anyway. She acted very sad, and meek, and it turned out that she wanted to write a letter to the president of the United States. When she was questioned about what business she had with said diplomat, she said that she wanted to write a letter of pardon. She wanted to be pardoned for the heinous crime of staining the carpet with blue ink and she wanted to be restored to her former title of "Good Girl".

You can imagine that Brian was quite heartbroken with her apology, so he hugged her and told her she didn't need to be pardoned by the president because he had forgiven her and that she could go on and be free. So Maggie and Brian are reconciled. All is right again (except, of course, the carpet).
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